Feel like Home: Avondale Motor Park Amenities and Facilities

By on October 17, 2017

What do you think of when you hear a word «camping»? Fun? Leisure? Tent? Hiking? S’mores? Boating? Fishing? Holiday?

For all of us, camping is something special from the childhood. Probably all of you have gone on a camping trip at least once in a life. We all have some favorite camping places to come back somewhere in the future. But why should you wait until the perfect moment comes? Forget about luxurious resorts and same boring breakfasts in the hotels. Take a trip. Go somewhere to meet the adventures and the wildlife. For example, New Zealand.

Have you ever been to New Zealand? Have you ever heard of its fantastic landscapes and parks?

We advise every tourist who is going to take a camping trip in the near future, to go to Auckland, New Zealand. As it is one of the best places for camping, hiking, and meditation in the whole world. But, don’t dare to take the whole house with you. Modern camping parks have much more amenities and facilities than you can even imagine. One of those parks is Avondale Motor Park, which is in Auckland city particularly.

Avondale Motor Park: Services Included

The Avondale Motor Park in Auckland is not limited to good parking places only. It is like a camping county in the city. So, why is this spot considered to be one of the most convenient for tourists in the whole region?

  • Location. The park is famous for its convenient locations both for the city and the airport. You won’t find a more central location for any other park in Auckland than this one. The Avondale Motor Park is equally comfortable to get to the railway’s station and the airport. Within walking distance, you can reach a lot of places of interest, which is great for those, who don’t want to rent a car.
  • Accommodation. Here you can find a variety of places to stay in. The park has something to the taste of everyone. If you prefer staying in comfortable spacy houses to feel like home, choose tourist flats with 2 bedrooms. If you want something cheaper, take a 1 bedroom flat or a tourist cabin with 1 room only. This depends on your personal preferences and your budget.
  • Additional facilities. If you don’t want to dip into wildlife completely, Avondale Motor Park has some additional facilities for you: toilet, shower, kitchen, laundry, library, television, free Wi-Fi, luggage storage, vending machines, and even children playgrounds.

So, take your family and come to Avondale Motor Park to spend one of the most unforgettable holidays in your life. Discover this wonderful camping region in New Zealand by yourself.

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